Xmas Cover ArtThe Christmas Sessions - $7
The Christmas sessions is Radial Angel's take on some classic Christmas tunes. It includes fan favorites that the band played live during the christmas season over the years.

How We Grow Cover ArtHow We Grow - $12
How We Grow is an acoustic album covering a lot of the bands fan favorites. Recorded and produced by the band, this album gives a different take on some classics as well as few new songs the band threw in. It is a must have for anyone who has flollowed the band or just wants to hear a different side of them.

Waiting on Love pre cdWaiting on Love - $12
Waiting on Love is the long anticipated follow-up to Summer Fade. The album features 12 songs including Girl Next Door, Long Way Home and Sing Love. The album was produced by Radial Angel and Randall Shreve.

Summer Fade cd Summer Fade - $12
This special release is only available online or at RA shows across the country. Summer Fade is a five-song, limited-release EP that showcases the ever-maturing sound of the band. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Eric Delegard, it is sure to become a Radial Angel classic. Get one now before they are gone, and you miss your chance to own this part of Radial Angel history.

One More Last Time cd (Warner Bros./Curb/Squint) One More Last Time - $15
The national debut release from Radial Angel on Warner Bros. Records/Squint Entertainment. This album has ten amazing tracks that will shake you to your soul. Covering such hard topics as rape, suicide and abuse but still able to convey a sensitivity on topics like love, adoration and praise. We hope that this record quickly becomes your favorite.



Brown Logo ShirtBrown Logo Shirt - $10
This t-shirt features the old school RA logo placed lower right side. Dark brown print on a chocolate brown shirt.

Elephant Shirt Elephant Shirt - $10
What can you say about this shirt? It's an elephant, it's Radial Angel. White print on navy blue.

How We Grow Shirt How We Grow / Flower Shirt - $10
How We Grow album artwork tee. Two tones of red and black on a sand colored shirt.

MMMH shirtMusic Makes Me Happy - Black - $10
This is the newest version of our Music Makes Me Happy shirt. black with a white print. The design tilted on the front of the shirt also features the classic RA logo in a heart.

orange gun shirtTexas Orange Gun Shirt - $10
Texas orange shirt with black, white, and brown print. Toy gun shooting a flag that reads "Radial Angel."

the logo shirtRadial Angel Logo shirt -Black - $10
This is the newest version of our Logo Shirt is black with white print. The logo runs up onto the collar of the shirt. This is definitely a fan favorite!

landscape shirtLandscape Shirt - Red - $10
The Landscape Shirt is Black print on a red shirt. The lanscape runs along the bottom and around the sides of the shirt.

YEddie Jones shirtYEddie Jones Shirt - yellow - $10
Yes, it is a the face of our bass player Eddie Jones put on to the body of a Yetti... Yes, that is why is called the YEddie Jones shirt. It is yellow with black and white print. It has been said those who wear this shirt have special powers for attracting yetties... That could be a big lie but you'll never know until you try it on for yourself.

The landscape hoodieThe Landscape Hoodie - White - $25
This is the Landscape Hoodie. It is just like the Landscape Shirt but in Hoodie form. White hoodie with black print. Landscape goes across the front and around to the sides. It crosses over the zipper.